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Chinese cuisine is one of the most popular types of cooking around the world. It offered us with a lot of tasty dishes which was able to impress not only the Chinese palate but other nationalities as well. This is even why Chinese restaurants are always flocked with people from different walks of life all wishing to enjoy the gastronomic experience uniquely provided by these dishes. If you like to go deeper into more interesting and traditional dishes, here are 10 things you need to try.

What should be on your list?


1. Chinese Marbled Tea Eggs


Photo credit: WordRidden via / CC BY

If you have an appetite for exotic Chinese food, then you might want to try Chinese marbled tea eggs. This is an ubiquitous snack sold around China and it is made of eggs that are boiled, cracked, and then stewed in black tea, soy sauce, or any blend of spices. This creates the dark lines which makes a marbled impression on the surface of the eggs. These can be eaten hot or cold, on its own or you can add it to your ramen for that savoury boost of protein.

2. Chicken Feet


Photo credit: avlxyz via / CC BY-SA

Another interesting ingredient, and surprisingly quite tasty too, are chicken feet. Out of poverty comes this dish which is either stewed or braised in clear white sauce or soy sauce and some chopped ginger. It is cooked to a point where the meat and the skin easily slides off the bones. It may not be your typical chunky slices of meat, but it never fails to deliver on taste.

3. Mantou

More popularly known as Chinese steamed buns, these are staples in the northern part of China. It is a good substitute for rice, noodles, or regular bread. The beauty about these light and airy buns is its pretty versatile. You can dip it in sweetened condensed milk or it can be placed with fillings to make a baozi. Sometimes, the simple stuff can translate to a whole lot of food experience as it can be paired with different dishes to create a sumptuous marriage of flavours.

4. Peking Duck

This is a very famous dish which originated from Beijing during the imperial era. The duck is slowly roasted to create a perfectly brown crispy exterior and a juicy meat inside. Currently there are two schools or peking duck preparation, some places roast it in a conventional convection oven, while others suspend the duck over flame in an open oven.

5. Mapo doufu

Mapo doufu - TakPo

Photo credit: digitalexistence via / CC BY

Also known as Mapo tofu, this is a popular Chinese dish from Sichuan province which now has several variations in restaurants around the world.. It is perfect for those who have a penchant for fiery dishes. It is made of pork, silken tofu and chilli bean paste. It gives you a variety in texture and flavours added with that kick of spicyness. This certainly leaves that tickle of flavour on the palate whether it is used as an accompaniment or a main attraction.

6. Turnip cake

This is a staple dim sum menu that is not really sweet but savoury for something that is called a “cake.” It is eaten all year round, but it takes center stage during the Chinese New Year for it symbolizes prosperity and growing fortunes. It requires turnips (radish), sweet Chinese sausage, dried shrimps, spring onions, and shitake mushrooms. Each bite gives you a blast of flavour and it suits perfectly well with tea.

7. Dragon’s beard candy

If you want the old-fashioned approach to satisfying that sweet tooth, a Dragon’s beard candy would be a good Chinese confection to try. If the name puts you off, or if it sounds like something that comes straight from a Harry Potter novel, well it’s basically Chinese cotton candy. It is a form of spun sugar that is traditional in China. It has a “thready” and chewy texture with a rich sweet flavour.

8. Hot and sour soup


Photo credit: bvalium via / CC BY-SA

Behind its simple name, this recipe is brimming with flavors that comes spicy hot with just the right hint of sourness from the vinegar. It is the perfect comfort food and appetizer which surprises you with tidbits of exotic ingredients for that authentic Chinese blend.

9. Rice noodles

This is another comfort food that delights your taste buds with a beautiful blend of flavours set as a backdrop for thin and pliable rice noodles. This dish originated from Guilin, China served as a very popular snack, but it can already be a complete meal on its own. Aside from rice noodles this bowl of soupy goodness include different kinds of meat sliced thinly, fried peanuts, soybeans and chopped scallions. It leaves a fragrant and mellow aroma which also doesn’t disappoint taste-wise.

10. Dumplings


One of the most famous and loved Chinese dish are dumplings. These bite-sized pieces are the popular servings in dim sum houses and it comes in a variety of flavours depending on the filling. Siew mai, har gau, teo chow, and crystal chives ball are just some of the crowd favourites. These dishes are steamed meat rolled inside very thin translucent wrapper. What makes these tastier are the topping and sauces that it comes along with it, and usually different dim sum places have their own offering.

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