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Do You Love Chinese Food?

Chinese cuisine is one of the most popular and well-loved type of cooking in the whole world. Just the mention of it already gives us a surge of textures and flavours in our mouths; and its long history proves just how it is able to satisfy not only our stomachs but our palates as well.

But what is it that makes Chinese cooking irresistibly delicious here in the lion city?

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1. Deep fried dishes gives you a beautiful party of texture

It’s so rewarding to bite into a piece of meat that is deep fried in batter. It gives you that beautiful crunch on the outside, and then takes you to the juiciness inside.

Singapore has several food shops that offer a lot of good deep fried choices. 

In Chinese cuisine, deep fried dishes are cut into bite-sized chunks and seasoned  before it is coated with cornstarch. The density of the coating determines the crispness and tenderness, and I love how restaurants are able to get this right. I don’t know what magic they add into their cooking, but it screams with flavours which are not overpowering but with just the right amount of goodness that would have you wanting one more bite.

Today you can find a lot of choices, from the simple meats to more interesting dishes that are turned into deep fried versions such as deep fried egg rolls, sweet and sour pork, and even crab rangoon. But a classic that is also a crowd favourite, particularly among dim sum lovers, are the delicate but flavourful spring rolls. (Image: Source)


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2. Bite-Sized and Filling

Dim sum has always been the most popular Cantonese cuisine and it is one that is riddled with excellent taste.

One of the reasons why dim sum has always been an enjoyable food fare is because all these delicious dishes are made into bite-sized portions. This allows you to taste and enjoy a variety of dim sum dishes that is also very satisfying.

In Singapore you can see a lot of dim sum places where you can even see how your food is being prepared. It adds to the anticipation when you see cooks amidst steaming woks and steamer baskets all busy in making this frenzy of dishes.

Steaming-Goodness-chinese-food-takpoPhoto credit: See-ming Lee 李思明 SML / / CC BY

3. Steaming Goodness

I like how steaming can also result in delicious desserts; and that is something refreshing especially since we are so used to oven-baked goods.

Back in the day, ovens are rare in Chinese kitchens which is why cake recipes are steamed rather than baked.  These are much faster to create compared to its Western counterparts.

Crowd favorites and something that you should also not miss include Chinese steamed sponge cake, Chinese steamed custard buns and steamed yam cake. However, for those whose palate may not be so well versed on the flavors of Chinese cuisine, you have to understand that these are not like your typical desserts which are laced with frostings or candied fruits. Here you will excite your senses a different set of flavours added to the mix. For instance, it is only in Chinese cooking where you can find desserts that are topped with spring onions, chives, or dried shrimps! That alone are good reasons why you have got to try these steamed dishes. (Image: Source)

4. Diversity of dishes

Chinese cooking varies for each region in China, and as it permeates other parts of the world we are given a taste of what this delectable cuisine has to offer.

Due to different weather conditions, environment and tastes, there are around 57 regional styles of food in China. They also have several ways of cooking such as braising, deep frying, double boiling, poaching, baking, sautéing, smoking, steaming, simmering, shallow frying and stir frying.

Chinese dishes are so diverse that it gives you a lot of options that not only treats you with excellent flavors, but texture as well. You can either pop juicy or crunchy bite-sized dumplings, twirl your chopsticks into flavorful noodles, or revel in steaming meat stews that are oozing in flavours with juicy and tender meat. Vegetable stir fries are also a treat in Chinese cuisine, or you could soothe your senses to a creamy bowl of congee. With congee aside, all these pair beautifully with a steaming bowl of fragrant rice.

5. Singapore offers the best Chinese cooking

It is true that a lot of countries have their own versions of Chinese cooking. 

There are at least 8 culinary cuisines in China, these include Anhui, Fujian, Cantonese, Shandong, Hunan, Jiangsu, Zheijang and Szechuan. But outside China, Singapore is among the best places that create good Chinese cooking.

So if you are looking for authentic Chinese cooking, you can find a hodge podge of places in the Lion City that truly delivers. Singapore beautifully translates the diversity of Chinese cuisine, while also adding their own spin into some dishes.

American Chinese food may have its own taste, European versions may also have their own interpretations, but if you want to get the real deal take it from those who know it best. In Singapore, traditional Chinese cooking still pervades.

6. Hand-made

Another thing about traditional Chinese cooking is that they place importance in everything being hand-made. So what is good about this?

This shows that these dishes are prepared with utmost care and attention. This is applicable more specifically to dim sum. A lot of food joints in Singapore use machine to create the perfect dim sum dishes. If you don’t want commercialized cooking, go for places that still believe in the beauty and authenticity of hand-made dumplings, buns, rolls, and many others.

Let these be an addition to the several reasons why you need to try Chinese cooking. If you are in Singapore, you’d be missing out on a LOT if you fail to do so on your next visit. But after reading this, I hope you found a new fondness, appreciation or even curiosity for authentic Chinese cuisine. Maybe I’ll just end here, and let the food do the talking, so go ahead order or bring yourself to the nearest Chinese cuisine hotspot!

For me, I would advise that you start with Tak Po. If there is any place that would give you authentic Chinese cooking through dim sum dishes that are all hand-made, then this can be a good start. Call us today to reserve your table!


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