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Delightful Weekends

Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday Only

Tak Po Dim Sum Dishes

Paper Wrap Chicken – $2.00

Mango Spring Roll – $3.80

Prawn & Banana in Dragon Beard – $4.50

Weekends call for special treats, which is why we offer a special selection of dishes to add to our delectable list of scrumptious meals. It is only during Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays that we offer our tasty and juicy Paper Wrap Chicken, our crunchy Mango Spring Roll with a sweet and delicate center, and our special Prawn and Banana in Dragon Beard.

Add more flavor to your week and satisfy that appetite with these sumptuous dishes. Get your fix while the offer is on the table, as you also enjoy the rest of our other dim sum menu. All these at very affordable and reasonable prices.