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Dim sum is the type of food that has hundreds of options for you to choose from. For novice dim sum eaters, the foray of dishes can be quite daunting, especially when the cart comes around filled with a steaming and mouth-watering fare. They say that you need the acumen of a Wall Street trader to make the right choices when ordering dim sum. If you want to cut through the confusion and make sure that you get the best dishes, here’s how to choose the best dim sum for a truly satisfying meal.

A dozen dim sum dishes as easy choices

If you are not like dim sum fiends who can order dim sum in between sips of tea, this might actually be overwhelming for the inexperienced foodie. Since it is also not possible to try out the hundreds of choices available for you, here are some of the best and safe choices that have always been winner dishes. So when in doubt, you can’t go wrong with these.

Siew Mai


These are rolled steamed meat that is seasoned to perfection to give you  classic dim sum treat. These are often made from pork and shrimp rolled into balls, wrapped in wonton wrappers with one side exposed, then steamed. This dish is a crowd favorite served soft and steaming inside baskets. These bite-sized beauties are not only delicious, but they can also be filling. A lot of places offer different siew mai variations with accompanying sauces for dipping making your food fare all the more interesting.

Har Gau


This is a shrimp dumpling that is also widely loved because even in its simplicity, it is good and satisfying. Encased in a translucent wrapper is a plump and juicy shrimp that oozes with juices as you bite into it. To add some kick, you may also dip it in the sauces provided.

Nor Mai Gai

This is sticky rice that is wrapped in a lotus leaf with a center that is filled with either pork, chicken, or sausage with some chopped mushrooms. Although the leaf is not eaten, it plays an important role in the play of flavours. Aside from being tasty and filling, this dish is also pleasantly aromatic.

Steamed Pork Buns


If you look at the selection of baos in a dim sum menu can see that there is a wide array of choices. However, one that beats all others in terms of taste and satisfaction are steamed pork buns or cha siu bao. This is a soft and fluffy bun filled sweet and salty pulled pork.

Spare Ribs


Dim sum dishes also has its fare of dishes that can be perfectly paired with rice. Spare ribs that are marinated and cooked until it’s so tender that the meat basically melts off the bones when you bite into it. Back in the day, where poverty was prevalent in Chinese, families can only afford the cheapest part of any meat. So to make dishes just as tasty and enjoyable, people would find different ways to cook the spare ribs.

Chicken Feet


This may be too exotic for some, but if you just look past what it is you’d be surprised at how tasty this dish can be. Referred to as “Phoenix Talons” this dish is made with black bean sauce to amp up the flavour. The poverty in China was the reason why this seemingly insignificant chicken part can be a stunner in a dish. You can forgo dainty nibbles, because to fully appreciate this dish you just stick it in your mouth and spit the bones out.



This is a Chinese version of the western porridge and it is served with a variety of savory additions. The choices of congee toppings can range from pork, chicken, fish, a century egg, and a slew of vegetables. This is a popular choice for breakfasts, or simply a comfort food for any time of the day that needs cheering up.

Deep Fried Spring Rolls


This is a crowd favourite becaue it is a perfect combination of taste and texture. The meat is seasoned to perfection and rolled into inside wrappers and deep fried to crispy perfection. Restaurants have their own offerings of sauces to add more spice allowing this dish to be eaten with rice or on its own.

Rice Rolls


Rice has always been a huge part of the Chinese culture, and this can be seen in the variety of rice dishes and products. Rice rolls is one of the most popular and was first introduced in the agricultural province of Guangzhou. This thin rice paper is rolled and filled with pork and beef and dipped in soy sauce.

Egg Tart


If you want to top your meal with some dessert, sneak in an egg tart and that could be the best decision you made for that day! It has the right flakiness on its dough and it is filled with a rich, creamy, and gooey center. Although this is not an original traditional dim sum dish, it was only in the 1940’s that egg tarts was introduced into the dim sum food fair, and it was patterned after the English custard pie.

Fried Sesame Balls

Another good find for dessert would be fried sesame balls with a heaping coat of sesame seeds and red bean paste filling. This is a perfect dessert for those who prefer something with just a hint of sweetness.

Yu Jiao


Also known as a taro puff, this is a crisp-like dish that filled with pork and shrimp. Aside from its interesting taste and texture, this also symbolizes good fortune. This is a meal staple during Chinese celebrations.

 When you are faced with several choices, these are the easiest choices that will give your palate the best experience which is equally filling too.

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