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Siew Mai (烧卖)

Siew Mai (烧卖)


Popular steamed dumplings made from ground pork filling with our own mixes enveloped in wonton wrappers.

Siew Mai is also referred to as "pork and mushroom dumpling." Its standard filling consisting primarily of ground pork, small whole or chopped shrimp, Chinese black mushroom, green onion (also called scallion) and ginger with seasonings of Chinese rice wine e.g. Shaoxing rice wine, soy sauce, sesame oil and chicken stock. Bamboo shoots, water chestnuts and pepper can also be added. The outer covering is made of a thin sheet of lye water dough. The center is usually garnished with an orange dot,

Main Ingredients: Minced lamb, seasoned ground pork, whole and chopped shrimp, Chinese black mushroom, lye water dough

Source: Wikipedia