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If there is one thing that makes Singapore living much more exciting, has got to be the food. Just as it amazes the world with its small geographical size but the impressive economy, it also impresses everybody with the variety of food finds you can scour on in every corner. So for those who are constantly on a hunt for good eats, here are good reasons why the country is a haven of good food!

  1. Diversity

As the country attracts a multitude of races from around the world, it can be said that Singapore is a cultural melting pot. A phenomenon largely evident in their food scene which gives everyone in the country a plethora of choices to suit any scrutinizing palate. Chinatown, Little India, and Arab town alone give you a peek into the cultural fusion in this food paradise of the East.

The culinary culture will take your tastebuds on a frenzy with tropical ingredients like turmeric, coconut, ginger, and chilies that lend distinct and rich flavor to Southeast Asian cuisine. But more than that it also doesn’t fall short in offering people quality Western dishes to satiate a tiny country with a voracious appetite for good food.

  1. Fusion

Cultural fusion emerged because of marriages, for instance among Chinese immigrants and Malaysian natives, which in and of itself has created a unique food culture. Centuries-old recipes blended into new imports creates mouthwatering dishes.

If you go on to taste the local cuisine, you can see that the taste comes from everywhere but the puzzle pieces are assembled together creating something totally unique. Rojak, for example, is a mix of ingredients that is reflective of the cultural diversity in Singapore.

The rich mixture of diversity shows how various cuisines from different culture intermingle. Chinese stalls sometimes incorporate Malay ingredients, Malay stalls sometimes serving halal versions of the beautiful traditional Tamil food, you can see the integration and how it spices up Singapore’s menu making it a cultural attraction.

  1. Good food everywhere

Singapore is a country where people cared deeply about what they eat. Whether you are fine dining in the poshest restaurants in the country or hitting it up on hawker centers, you will never fall short of good food. Even Singaporean street food doesn’t disappoint.

Just head on to Chinatown where over a hundred stalls greet you with a variety of sumptuous quick bites from around the world. It’s also an enclave of good finds for the cheapskate who is also looking for a good run for their money. Excellent dim sum, to excellent noodles at pocket-friendly prices, to embracing the quaint and lovable Kopitiam culture, the things you can find here can leave your head spinning.

  1. Transforms the simplest ingredients

What is also distinct about Singapore food culture is that even the humblest ingredients can surprise you. A serve of egg noodles stir-fried with rich shrimp stock and a dash of lard can taste more vibrant than you would expect. Maybe it’s because there is no food to small or too simple to be taken for granted. Just as people know what’s good food, the heroes in the kitchen are also just as scrutinizing with what they are putting out there.

This can only come from a place where eating is a way of life. It is no moment that you get at a fancy restaurant or if it comes right out of a box from a hawker stand, a meal is judged solely by what is served.

  1. Artisanal

With the fast-paced culture, it also follows that demand also takes off. To cope, there are places who unfortunately dabble into comfortable territory. However, in Singapore, you can still find artisanal cooking. Handmade dim sum, which is a dying art, remains to be a strong culture which also makes for a topic of pride for Singaporeans.

You see, Singapore is teeming with excellent food finds that can communicate to any taste and culture. The food finds offers a breath of nostalgia through traditional cooking, and on the one hand, it also gives us a peek of the cultural intermingling.

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