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It has always been known that eating right is essential to good health. However, it’s how you eat and enjoy which takes the experience to a whole new level. With most of us getting too preoccupied with just chowing down our meal, we miss the layers of flavours hidden within. Take your gastronomic experience to a whole new level.

Take things slow

When marveling at a painting you don’t get to appreciate it just by glancing. The level of appreciation is the same in enjoying a dish. You get to enjoy it better when you take the time to linger in its flavours. Take delight in every bite and see the interwoven flavours of meats, juices and spices, and pay attention to the taste and texture. They call this responsive eating, as opposed to reactive eating. It’s when you  take small pauses with each bite to savour everything.

Another upside to this is that it will even help you control your portions! There has been a growing number of studies which suggest that eating slower will cause you to consumer less calories. This will also be beneficial for digestion as you get to masticate the food better leading to fewer digestive upsets.

Eat multiple kinds of dishes

It is true that there is some kind of hedonic gains to be had in ordering a variety of dishes.This could be one reason that brought the overwhelming success of dim sum. Many would find that there is less pleasure in just forking into a single pasta dish than to reach over several different selections.

Vitamin P or Pleasure is one of the essentials of a good meal. Furthermore, studies even show that when you are turned on by food, you also turn on your metabolism. In a research conducted in the University of Texas, participants with very high cholesterol levels were placed on a low-fat diet, but, they were also allowed to splurge every other day on a ham and cheese sandwich and a milkshake. Conventional wisdom would say that they should have experienced a significant rise in blood cholesterol, but there was none. The only elevation they experienced was that of enjoyment. The cholesterol-raising effect was somehow mitigated by chemistry of pleasure.

Enjoy handmade

Your choice of food is also crucial to the pleasure you get in dining. What is sad about the current situation with dim sum places is that they have been swallowed whole with commercialization. Handmade dim sum eventually became a lost art, as restaurants simply rely on machines to increase quantity. However, if you look hard enough, places like Tak Po still breaths life to traditional dim sum creations. Each is carefully created to give you the best gastronomic experience.

Beverage to stave off the voracious appetite

When you are hungry, you tend to devour so much without really enjoying the taste. It’s just about pacifying the hunger pangs without really giving taste that much thought. But the truth is you can still pacify that appetite and still enjoy every bit of your meal, and that’s by having the right amount of fluids to compliment.

Tea allows you to control your portions because it will make you feel satiated even without consuming an entire feast. In fact some sensations of thirst is even misconstrued as hunger, to which a simple drink will simply cure.

In yum cha, you get to hit two birds with one stone as a dim sum spread always come with tea. So you get to enjoy all these bite-sized courses with a healthy drink to pair it with. Tea not only waters down the oiliness of some dishes, but it also gives you a plethora of health benefits. As vino is widely popular for Italian dining, tea is also a staple for Asians.

Eat with company

Having to share a meal with a friend or your entire family makes it more pleasurable than partaking it alone. Eat with a friend who has a similar taste as you to enjoy your meal better. Not that you would just wave off other invitations in preference to others, but in times when all you want is to enjoy and savour a meal, call a friend who understands what you are craving for.

Studies show that our eating behaviour is profoundly influenced by social context. We tend to eat differently when we are with other people compared with eating alone, and our dietary choices also tend to gravitate with those of our close social connections. So if you want to enjoy you food better, be sure that you are inviting the right persons on your food runs.

Snap a photo of your food

Food porn, foodspotting, foodgasm – these are just a few of the hashtags that proliferate social media as unapologetic #foodies display their current food finds. Vanity aside, USC Associate Professor of Marketing Kristin Diehl claims in a study that this can actually be good for you. Diehl and her fellow researchers discussed that taking photos of your food “provides evidence in a day-to-day setting that taking photos causes individuals to enjoy a mundane experience more than when they do not take photos. We also find evidence that photo-taking heightens engagement and that this engagement in the experience in turn heightens enjoyment.”

So if you feel like grabbing a pizza, enjoy a hearty pasta, or savour dim sum in Singapore, remember to revel in the burst of flavours that greet your tastebuds! Don’t waste good food by being too preoccupied with other things. Give it the attention it deserves and reward yourself by savouring each juicy bite of your choice of dumpling or that sip of warm congee.

Come and satisfy those cravings here at Tak Po. Here, is where handmade dim sum is at its finest, so reserve your tables now.