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Are you looking to thrill your tastebuds with a sumptuous dim sum spread? We all know how delicious and gastronomically satisfying this culinary art has been after centuries of perfecting it. But here are ten popular choices that you need to try in your lifetime!

Top 10 Must-Try Dim Sum

Chicken Feet


If you want to tease your tastebuds with taste and texture, chicken feet is definitely a dim sum treat that satisfies. This is originally a recipe that resulted out of poverty as Chinese households centuries ago tried to use every part of the chicken for their meals. Since chicken feet is inexpensive it became a famous main ingredient for recipes. However, the most famous one that has been part of the dim sum spread is the braised chicken feet in black bean sauce. It has the right blend of flavour and texture that will make you forget that this is actually an exotic dish that will make some cringe just at the thought of it.

Pearl Balls

This dish is often served during Chinese New Year and it is also a crowd favourite as it gives a beautiful marriage of flavours on top of its juicy texture spelling out a beautiful comfort food. It is composed of steamed ground pork and glutinous rice. So why should you try this? It is a bite-sized meal on its own, that doesn’t fall short on flavour!


What is supposed to be a mishap in the kitchen turned out to be a success story which resulted in potstickers. You can say that this is one of the popular types of dumplings which requires a certain skill just to achieve the right golden brown and crisp on the outside. This makes a perfect appetizer to start a foray of other equally delicious dim sum dishes.

Egg Tarts


If there is one thing that can be said about egg tarts it is that it’s just downright delicious. The flaky dough contrasts the smooth and creamy filling oozing with flavour and rich texture. Some restaurants even add bird’s nest soup on top of the filling.



If comfort food is what you are looking for then a bowl of congee certainly fits the bill. This dish is similar to a rice porridge or gruel that is often served with side dishes or toppings. The beauty about congee is that it serves as a beautiful backdrop on which you can set any flavour brought by whatever topping you prefer. However, every dim sum restaurants put their own spin. You can either choose among pork toppings, seafoods, or sauteed veggies and chicken. This is equally appetizing and filling at the same time and is definitely worth a try especially among first timers.


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Spareribs that are cooked with black sauce or sour plum sauce is one of the popular dim sum choices. And it’s is all for good reason because even with its simplicity in terms of ingredients, it is just oozes with flavours. Just like chicken feet this dish also came from the throngs of poverty in ancient China which pushed people to create delicious dishes even from the cheapest animal parts, in this case it is spareribs.

Jin Deui

This is a dough rolled into a ball and into sesame seeds before it is deep fried. What makes this fried pastry a crowd favourite is the red bean paste filling that surprises you after the crunch that greets you on the outside. The sesame seeds give it that extra kick of flavour.

Rice Noodle Rolls


Rice rolls originated in the province of Guangzhou where agriculture is the main livelihood. These are made from wide rice noodles that are steamed to make them soft and pliable, then rolled. The fillings used are either shrimps, barbecued pork or beef, drizzled with soy sauce after it has been enveloped neatly inside the rice rolls. Another variation to this is the fried rice noodles, where the rolls are deep friend after it has been steamed. In one way this is similar to dumplings but it can be quite a challenge to eat, however, it is definitely a must try because taste-wise it doesn’t disappoint.

Siu Mai


This is a very popular dim sum dish that spawned into different varieties in different countries. It can be a perfect appetizer or a meal in itself! Siu mai are small dumplings that are made up of pork, shrimp or chicken. Unlike other dumplings where the fillings are encased in the translucent wrappers, siu mai is opened at the top. The reason why this is a very popular dish is that each bite introduces a burst of flavours from the fillings. A very good siu mai would have moisture in every bite. This is a must-try because it is not only flavourful but heavily satisfying as well!

Har Gau


This is a dumpling where a translucent wrapper encases a juicy and tasty shrimp filling. If you have a penchant for seafoods, this certainly satisfies as it not only satisfies in terms of taste but also texture. What makes this a treat for every dim sum spread is that you can dip it in any sauce, and it will just be phenomenal!

There are still a lot to try and taste with dim sum, and I encourage you to explore! Prepare yourself when the cart rolls in. Be adventurous and curious because you just might end up surprising yourself at how truly satisfying and flavourful dim sum really is. But should you find yourself in a dim sum restaurant like Tak Po, I suggest that you try at least any of these dishes!

For your fill of good dim sum in Singapore, Tak Po is a good place to get what you deserve. We will show you what traditional dim sum really is and what dim sum dining should really be – fun, palatable, and gastronomically satisfying! Call your reservations today to avoid the long lines.

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